These are the best air dusters currently available in Australia

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Do you ever stare at your laptop or computer keyboard and shiver at the amount of dust and dirt accumulating between your keys? The same can be said for a range of tech gadgets when not in use (or floating in the bottom of a bag somewhere) – think headphones, phones and digital, film and Polaroid cameras. Besides cleaning cloths, small cordless dusters can be a great way to keep all your devices dust-free.

Most air dusters are small, portable gadgets that use air to rinse your devices. They are generally safe enough to use on more technology and are much better than buying individual canisters of compressed air. Plus, most of them don’t contain refrigerants, accelerators, or gases, so you won’t be breathing in the nasty fumes given off by other aerosols.

This one from Koonie’s is currently a best seller on Amazon with hundreds of great reviews. According to the manufacturer, it produces air at 3,300 rpm and has a 6,000 mAh rechargeable battery that can work for more than 30 minutes. It also equates to about 5,000 cans of a traditional duster, so this $62 bad boy basically pays for itself after a few months of use.

Koonie Cordless Duster, $62

Alternatively, Amazon is also offering great deals on the portable Bye Bug Cordless Air Duster ($100) and SooPii Cordless Air Duster ($80).

That said, if you’re looking for more than a complete cleaning kit with all the bells and whistles, this one from IT Dusters should have you sorted. For just $120 you get the complete dusting unit which includes the 550 watt motor base which features two different airflow speeds, four differently shaped duster heads and three separate brushes for precise and precise cleaning .

CompuCleaner Xpert computer dust collectors, $120

They’re also selling their Original Electric Air Duster for around $100 right now, which comes with everything except the brushes.

Investing in one of these little dust collectors can go a long way to extending the life of your tech products and all your tech gadgets will be looking (and working) like new in minutes. If you want to discover other alternatives on Amazon, you can go here.

May your days be dust-free, my friends!

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