The teams that can earn the most money

The same seven teams that were taxpayers last year are still way over the luxury tax this season. Six of them currently have payments between $ 30 million and $ 170 million. Chances are some of these teams, including the Brooklyn Nets, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Utah Jazz, are looking to cut their payrolls.

* The Nets and Warriors are at the top of their respective conferences, so it seems unlikely that they’ll make a trade that saves them any significant savings. They were comfortable paying for some of the most expensive teams in NBA history last season, so they could handle most of the time.

Everyone on the Warriors’ roster plays a role in their pursuit of the title this season or is a staple for the future. Meanwhile, Brooklyn may be looking to remove one or two of its minimum players who are out of rotation to free up roster spots for the buyout market.

* The Clippers have already saved $ 30 million in the Eric Bledsoé commerce, but are still expected to collect a luxury tax payment of $ 94 million. They hover around 0.500 largely due to the lack of Kawhi Leonard and Paul Georges. If they fail to get over the bump within the next month or so, they could reasonably be looking to lose a bit more paycheck, especially if George isn’t about to come back from his elbow injury.

* Some teams have already taken several steps to reduce their luxury tax payments and create open positions. Milwaukee gave up DeMarcus Cousins save about $ 3 million. They could save more money if they unload one or two of their minimum players.

* Jazz exchanged Miye Oni in Oklahoma City to save $ 7 million. Despite these savings, they could dramatically increase their payroll if they switch to bargaining for a defensive wing. Joe Ingles could be a player the Jazz is shopping for that player because they’ve got him would have considered moving it in the off-season.

* The Lakers have been proactive in trying to offload a minimum of non-rotation players, such as Rajon Rondo, and they are would work on the move of DeAndre Jordan and Kent Bazemore.

Getting out of Rondo saved the Lakers $ 7 million, and getting off both Jordan and Bazemore would save them $ 7 million each. They would lose some of those savings when they signed replacement contracts for the remainder of the season, and those savings could be fully offset if they made a consolidation trade.

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