The successor to the Nissan Micra will be an electric vehicle

  • Nissan unveils a teaser video showcasing the battery-electric successor to the Nissan Micra hatchback.
  • The hatch will be based on Renault Nissan’s CMF B-EV platform, which will be shared with the Renault 5 hatch and will offer up to 248 miles of range.
  • The successor to the Micra will be designed by Nissan but designed and built by Renault in France, at the new Electricity hub.

    The Nissan Micra may not be a model seen too often on American roads, having been offered sporadically in Canada for the past 35 years while serving as Nissan’s smallest offering in North America. The Micra is set to get a facelift soon, with the latest generation debuting five years ago, and the new model set to be EV-only.

    Nissan unveiled a short teaser video showcasing a subcompact hatchback with round headlights and taillights, while hinting that the model will get a different name when it arrives in metal.

    The new model is expected to be based on the CMF B-EV platform, shared with Renault, with the French automaker set to use the platform for its own model, which will be the spiritual successor to the widely-received Renault 5. in concept form only a few years ago. The successor to the Micra will be designed by Nissan but engineered by Renault in France and built there too, at Renault’s new ElectriCity manufacturing center which has combined and repurposed several existing sites.

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    “This all-new model will be engineered by Nissan and engineered and manufactured by Renault using our new common platform, maximizing the use of our Alliance assets while retaining its Nissan character,” said Ashwani Gupta. , CEO of Nissan.

    “It’s a great example of the Alliance’s ‘smart differentiation’ approach. Succeeding our iconic Micra, I’m sure this new model will delight our customers in Europe,” added Gupta.

    The successor to the Micra is expected to compete with other small electric hatches in Europe, including upcoming electric Mini models.


    The teaser video revealed the profile of a small four-door with minimal overhangs and a contrasting black roof. The large ring-shaped daytime running lights will of course be LED, while the rear lights will also have a similar ring shape. The headlights themselves, meanwhile, are likely to be narrow rectangular pixel units bisecting the LED rings, as the image below suggests.

    As for range, Nissan has indicated that the Micra successor platform will be rated for a range of up to 248 miles.

    In total, the CMF B-EV platform is expected to underpin 250,000 vehicles per year under the Nissan, Renault and Alpine brands. Curiously, Mitsubishi models aren’t expected to receive this platform according to Nissan’s announcement this week, so it’s likely Nissan has other plans for what is now effectively its junior brand.

    nissan micra 2024
    The next electric vehicle will share a platform with Renault and Alpine models.


    We expect the Micra to make its European debut in 2024, but it remains to be seen whether Nissan will be brave enough to offer this car in Canada or the United States. Volkswagen was certainly hesitant to offer the ID.3 sedan in the US, despite its popularity in Europe, and small cars on the whole haven’t done particularly well in the US over the past decade. But when it comes to price, the Micra is expected to be positioned below the Leaf and could offer some competition to models like the Mini Cooper SE Electric. The electric vehicle market of 2024 is difficult to predict even now, so there is could be the demand for a small electric hatch positioned under the sheet in North America.

    The announcement of a successor to the Micra was part of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi’s Alliance 2030 strategy which will see the launch of 35 new electric models by 2030.

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