State Legislature approves license plate with Tulsa flag design

The Tulsa flag will be seen nationwide in a few months now that a license plate design with the flag on it has been given the green light. The designer of this Tulsa flag plaque began this process nearly five years ago. He had to go through the state legislature and will soon be in the back of cars.

The single plate took years of planning and Preston Power set out to bring it to fruition. “I think it’s going to fit well in the back of people’s cars,” Power said.

He started the process even before the Tulsa flag was made official. He partnered with State Rep. Carol Bush to get it approved by the Legislature, then he connected with City Councilman Phil Lakin to help support the project.

“Preston and Rep. Bush brought the idea to the Tulsa Community Foundation,” Lakin said. “They needed a non-profit sponsor.”

Lakin is the CEO of the Tulsa Community Foundation, which helps nearly 2,000 donors pour their money into causes that make a difference. “We would be a very different city if we weren’t so generous,” Lakin said.

In November, Power was expected to get 100 pre-orders for the plates. He said it may sound easy, but it is tedious. It was difficult to get people to print, fill out and send the forms to the state. But he achieved that goal, and that was before the April 30 deadline!

“We have just received our 100th application. It’s a done deal,” Power said. “The plaque will happen.

Lakin and Power said Tulsa pride will now be seen across the country and they hope people will join in the excitement. “Really proud of what’s here,” Lakin said. “Blue, red and gold look great on anyone’s car.”

They are still accepting pre-orders for the plates which will cost $15. Find more information here:

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