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Exacerbated by COVID-19, infection control has always been an integral part of the care and maintenance of EMS equipment. From cribs to defibrillators, radios to BP armbands, ambulances contain a host of different supplies, devices and electronics – each with their own unique cleaning challenges and specifications.

In this EMS1 webinar, sponsored by TOMI Environmental Solutions, learn how to fit decontamination and resupply into the busy EMS schedule to get rigs back online, safely.


“Very knowledgeable speaker; very informative.”

“Easy to follow.”

“I enjoyed the question and the answer. The real issues were resolved in this part.”

“I thought the information was relevant, given the pandemic we have now.”

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Meet the speaker

Sean Simmonds, PRN

Sean Simmonds is the Emergency Preparedness and Safety Manager for the Montgomery County Hospital District in Conroe, Texas. He has over 16 years of 911 fire and EMS response experience. Sean’s goal is to ensure a safe working environment for field and off-field staff of MCHD and its partners.

In his role, Sean serves as the county’s designated primary pre-hospital infection control officer and primary safety officer for approximately 300 paramedics and 1,750 first responders across 1,100 square miles.

Register to attend this on-demand webinar.

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