Readers respond: Nuclear is also clean energy

In response to Steve Duin’s June 11 column “A Green Power Victory in Klamath County”: The project is only possible if you politically and legislatively eliminate competing low-carbon solutions. The developer, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners [Added link] tries to do just that on its website, outlining the need for pumped storage to meet the 100% renewable mandates of West Coast states, where options are limited to wind, hydro, and solar. Well, last time I checked, California had a 100% “clean” energy mandate, nuclear included, and Governor Gavin Newsom recently said he was open to reconsidering the decision to shut down the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, the European Union has recently expanded its definition of green energy to include nuclear energy, and France has embarked on several new nuclear energy projects. These are all highly controlled actions.

Solar and wind power have a role to play, but I am troubled when proponents of renewables try to shorten critical public scrutiny of how we are actually going to reduce emissions. Along these lines, I respectfully suggest greater coverage of NuScale Power and TerraPower, two nuclear power development companies based in the Pacific Northwest.

Jim Harlan, Portland

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