Pre-production C8 Corvette Z06 models could be built soon


This year will be important for the Chevrolet Corvette C8. Hopefully the sports car will put its production problems behind it when the plant goes into production in 2022 this summer, and the C8 lineup expands with an exciting new model. This is of course the track-driven 2022 Corvette Z06, which will be one of the most special vehicles ever made by General Motors. And a new report from Corvette Blogger may have discovered pre-production models will be built over the next few months.

All Chevrolet Corvette models have a photo album option offered by the National Corvette Museum. The scrapbook, which costs $ 700, highlights the process of building your vehicle, with photos of your specific car rolling down the production line. The option has been particularly popular this year, as Bowling Green factory tours were not offered due to the coronavirus pandemic. But mysteriously, C8 Corvette customers who recently ordered the photo album were reimbursed and the album is no longer licensed. Why could it be?

One very likely option is where the 2022 C8 Corvette Z06 comes in. The reveal has been announced for this July, so the schedule lines up for pre-production models to be built over the next few months. These models are traditionally assembled at the Bowling Green factory, and are called “Alphas”, according to Corvette Blogger. It makes perfect sense that General Motors would deny photographers the photo album option, especially when they were allowed during most times of the pandemic. In fact, no visitors are allowed at all for the remainder of the 2021 model year production. As the factory moves to 2022, the Corvette Z06 C8 will likely be revealed.

Corvette Blogger noted that the National Corvette Museum is hosting its annual Corvette Bash later this week, where it will likely reveal details of the 2022 model year vehicle. We don’t expect the Z06 to debut anytime soon and without notice. no teasers, but there’s a chance Chevrolet and GM could kickstart the hype train for the model with a teaser or reveal date. We can’t wait to finally hear the scream of the naturally aspirated flat-crank V8.

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