“PPPs in renewable energy will solve the energy crisis in Africa”

Kasim Sumaina

A leading indigenous company in the field of clean and renewable energy, JRB Solar Investment Limited, has advocated for the partnership between public companies and private organizations in the development of renewable energy in order to quickly solve the energy crisis in Africa.
Managing Director of JRB Solar Investment Limited, Mr. Jimoh Rauf Badamosi, speaking at the inaugural Nigeria-Africa Natural Resources and Energy Investment Summit in Abuja, said sustainable energy remains the key to socio-development. -economic dimension of Africa and warned that African governments must seriously consider this.
He noted that Nigeria is home to one of the world’s best potentials for clean and renewable energy which could be used to improve productivity, create jobs and “improve the quality of life for our growing population”.
According to him, JRB Solar Investment Limited has over the past few years installed huge megawatts of electricity through solar energy to power homes, rural communities and organizations in different parts of Nigeria, adding that the company is strives to triple the number across Africa in the coming years. .
“The reality on the ground is that the private sector is currently driving most renewable energy projects in Africa. However, the partnership between public companies and private organizations will be a catalyst that will transform our energy sector.
“For us at JRB Solar Investment Limited, we are interested in a partnership with the Government of Nigeria that would allow us to generate electricity through solar energy systems to support the national grid. The sun shines on every rooftop and it makes sense to let it meet our energy needs. »
Badamosi further said that more and more indigenous private renewable energy companies are springing up in Nigeria and even in Africa, many of which are capable of handling large projects.
He therefore advocated for a viable partnership between public companies and private organizations to transform the energy sector.
“I therefore urge our governments to consider these companies when contracting for renewable energy projects. Having such confidence in local renewable energy companies will further ensure the faster socio-economic transformation of the continent. As a private company, JRB Solar remains fully committed to supporting this collective effort with data, technical knowledge, products, services and advisory capabilities. “he said
The summit was initiated to uncover solutions, showcase technologies and products that will drive Africa’s growth and industrialization in a more climate-friendly manner while encouraging the development of energy project finance. green.
JRB Solar Investment Limited, a leading indigenous brand in clean and renewable energy, was among energy companies from across Africa exhibiting their products and services at the summit.

EveryNanny provides verified nannies for new mums
EveryNanny, one of the leading care and recruitment agencies in Nigeria, has launched a program called “Gift A Nanny” to provide licensed professionals to new mums for a period of one to six months.
The agency, which is a one-stop caregiver platform created to help families deliver parenting, elder care, housekeeping and office cleaning services without stress, has service providers verified and trusted registered to help those in need.
In a statement, EveryNanny team leader Adaobi Ugha said potential users should visit the agency’s website to browse the list of professional caregivers. She said website visitors can select a nanny and how long they want the nanny to work based on budget, skills required, accommodation preferences, and more.
According to her, the approved professionals listed on the website include babysitters, housekeepers, live-in nannies and live-in nannies. She described the babysitter as a carer who takes care of a child or children on an hourly basis only and is usually much younger.
She explained that the housekeeper performs a variety of household services for an individual or a family, including general maintenance, while the live-in nanny lives permanently in the employer’s home and is expected to undertake all tasks only. from daycare. According to her, a live-in nanny is a temporary nanny who does not live at home but works on agreed days and times.
She added that the service targets both women in Nigeria and the diaspora. It also targets expats, families with children, and affluent and successful young urban professionals, among others.
According to Adaobi, EveryNanny was founded to promote stress-free parenting because the agency understands the importance of finding the right caregivers for children because they are precious gifts from God, and it is essential for people who want providing care and support for new mums to be able to relieve some of the stress associated with the birth of a newborn.
“The key to finding the right nanny is to screen potential candidates well. Because people who need nannies are already overwhelmed with responsibilities, we believe this is one of the most thoughtful and timely gifts that we can offer to new mums. For us, it is important to make it easier for them to have a thorough verification process. This is an issue that we at EveryNanny aim to address,” Adaobi said.

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