Overlap on green energy? | City center

Local interest groups are advocating for equestrian arenas on farmland while blocking a solar farm. FoL’s Jean King argued for a relaxation of Measure D restrictions, which aim to preserve open spaces and farmland. These groups have also argued that the measure must remain strictly enforced, sometimes at the same meeting of county supervisors. FoL and Friend of Open Space and Vineyards are currently blocking the Aramis Solar Project with a lawsuit.

Not only are these interest groups prioritizing equestrian arenas over clean energy during a climate crisis, they seem willing to say anything to do so, no matter how hypocritical or harmful. At a meeting of county supervisors on Earth Day 2021, “Friends of Livermore” argued that “the public need for solar energy is either overstated or does not exist.” Yes, that was their line. Earth Day.

Another lie that special interest groups often repeat is that solar farms are not necessary because we can get all the clean energy we need from rooftop solar. According to the US Department of Energy’s 2021 report, to meet California’s clean energy goals, we will need both utility-scale solar and rooftop solar. Relying solely on rooftop solar to solve the climate crisis is like trying to put out a California wildfire with a water gun.

Another group that has shamed itself by opposing local solar power is the Tri-Valley Sierra Club. This is an embarrassment not only to our community but also to the national Sierra Club, which felt compelled to make its pro-solar opinion clear when local groups pushed Alameda supervisors for a moratorium on farms. solar. Tri-Valley Sierra Club should recant its position and/or dissolve.

These groups may have different names, but they tend to have one thing in common. They are financed by Jean King, his rich friends and the readers of The Independent whom they manage to swindle. I urge readers of the journal to stop supporting such harmful litigation.

The good news is that we can have both horse rides and solar farms. Repurposing farmland can help everyone, provided interest groups drop their spurious lawsuit against Aramis Solar. Otherwise, these horse arenas better have covered domes, to block out the orange, ashy skies of a worsening apocalypse.

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