More Americans would buy an EV | Interest in low-carbon fuels

Overall, our latest survey found that more than a third of Americans would “definitely” or “seriously” consider buying or leasing an electric-only vehicle) if they were to buy a vehicle today. Among their reasons: More than 3 in 10 American adults say it costs less to charge an electric vehicle than to refuel a gas-powered car (33%), overall lifetime costs are lower ( 31%) and maintenance costs are lower (28%). .

“The survey shows that there is a clear interest among Americans in reducing transportation costs and reducing their impact on the environment,” said Quinta Warren, PhD, associate director of sustainability policy at CR. “This highlights some key concerns, but fortunately many of these barriers to owning a battery electric vehicle can be overcome with experience and education.”

There is no denying the growing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles. Gasoline prices are at record highs and Americans are increasingly turning to electric vehicles. Sales of electric vehicles rose 76% in the first quarter, compared to the same period last year, according to Cox Automotive, an information and services company. Electric vehicles promise lower running costs, and there are more choices on the market, with more models from different categories on the way.

Consumer Reports conducted the survey to better understand demand and awareness for battery-electric vehicles and low-carbon fuels. It was partially funded by the environmentally-focused philanthropic group Breakthrough Energy and the Energy Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to a safe and equitable economy powered by green energy. It was put into service from January 27 to February 18, 2022, when the national average gasoline price ranged from $3.34 to $3.52 per gallon. Gasoline prices soared to a national average of about $5 a gallon for regular gas in late June. (Download a PDF of the investigation report.)

The survey results illustrate a landscape of electric vehicles in transition, as more Americans become aware of the purchase option in a societal atmosphere of growing concern about climate change and the role that play fossil fuels.

CR is committed to supporting sustainable transportation, reducing harmful emissions and saving drivers money, so much so that fuel economy is a key factor in the overall rating we give to every car we we buy and test. As a result, overall ratings elevate good general-purpose models that are energy efficient, helping buyers make purchasing decisions and encouraging automakers to prioritize fuel efficiency. CR has also launched a Green Choice Designation last year using vehicle emissions data from the Environmental Protection Agency, highlighting vehicles that are among the lowest 20% contributors to smog formation and greenhouse gas emissions for their model year. You can find these Green Choice vehicles on our website and in our print publications. They are indicated by a green leaf icon wherever our notes are featured.

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