Kansas should cut interim and make head coach of Emmett Jones

After the Kansas Jayhawks parted ways with head coach Les Miles After allegations dating back to his former job at LSU surfaced, Jayhawks athletic director Jeff Long announced that the Jayhawks would hire an outside company to hire Kansas’ next head football coach.

Then Jeff Long was let go.

Now the Jayhawks are looking inward to lead their team through the spring and lead recruiting efforts during this uncertain and difficult time. The Jayhawks needed someone on their current staff who embodied leadership and who was a great recruiter. In my opinion, there was evidence in the room and to my amazement, the athletic department made the right choice.

Kansas’ new interim head coach is former Red Raider coach Emmett Jones.

When Kliff Kingsbury was fired after the 2018 season, I begged Matt Wells through public channels like my radio show and Twitter account to retain Emmett Jones. He was the top recruiter on the previous team, and sometimes it seemed like he was the only recruiter. Wells chose at the time to bring in his Utah State receivers coach, who then traveled to Oregon and eventually Joel Filani landed as the Red Raiders receivers coach.

I love Joël Filani. I always wished Wells had found a way to keep Emmett Jones.

Jones quickly landed in Kansas with the Jayhawks and took several Red Raider rookies with him to Lawrence. It was in 2018 and now he has the chance to lead the program.

Jones’ head coach while at Texas Tech applauded Kansas’ move, saying, “Jones’ reputation as a formidable coach is well established and well deserved. I got to see this firsthand. hand working with him at Texas Tech. ” Kingsbury listed his best assets and then concluded: “More than anything he brings a very special passion and level of integrity every day.

I agree with everything Kliff Kingsbury has said, but I will go further.

Kansas must remove the provisional tag and make Emmett Jones the head coach. If you really think the program was going in the right direction under The Miles, keep the staff intact and let Emmett Jones continue to improve your recruiting and attack.

I’ve been pleading for the Jayhawks to call Jeff Monken or Deion Sanders, for very different reasons, but there’s nothing these two men can do that Emmett Jones shouldn’t have the chance to do first. . If they get in, they’ll be successful with Jones’ talent anyway.

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