I’m a cleaning expert and smelly trash cans can be a huge problem – four inexpensive ways to get rid of the stink

MOST of us don’t expect our trash cans to smell peachy all the time – they’re full of trash, after all.

But at the very least, we definitely don’t want them smelling all over the kitchen.


A stinky trash can is a nuisance in the house that can attract unwanted crittersCredit: Getty
There are a few easy ways to rid your trash of that awful smell.


There are a few easy ways to rid your trash of that awful smell.Credit: Getty

Besides triggering our gag reflex every time we walk into the room, a smelly trash can can attract unwanted pests to our homes, like flies, mice, and raccoons, to name a few.

To rid your home of that acrid stench, the experts at The Spruce have compiled a list of four easy and inexpensive solutions.


The first product that can fix a smelly trash can is baking soda.

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Just generously sprinkle the bottom of your trash can before putting the bag in, or even pour some directly into the trash bag.

You can also use baking soda as a sort of scrub for your trash can if you feel the smell is stuck on it:

After washing the trash can with water and drying it, just leave 1 cup of baking soda in the bottom and it will absorb the moisture and odor.


The second useful product is bleach.

The disinfectant properties of bleach can kill germs that may be causing the stink in your trash cans.

But as the experts at The Spruce warned:

“Be careful with bleach when using it to clean your trash can and make sure it won’t damage the finish of the trash can.

“Also, keep your work area well ventilated when working with bleach to avoid a concentration of fumes.”

To be safe, you can even dilute ¼ cup of bleach with two gallons of water and it will work just as well.


Product number three is cat litter.

Putting some cat litter in the bottom of your trash can will drive out unwanted moisture and odors.

Its ability to absorb liquids will leave the trash can smelling fresh. Just be sure to empty it every week or so once it gets wet.


The last tip was about something usually reserved for your laundry room: dryer sheets.

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All you have to do is put a single dryer sheet in your trash bag and the nasty smell will go away.

According to The Spruce, it could even be a used vehicle.

Cat litter works as an odor absorbing product for your trash


Cat litter works as an odor absorbing product for your trashCredit: Getty

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