Hydrogen – SDTC grant to KEY DH enables demonstration of $ 12 million green hydrogen technology


The funds will be used by KEY’s Hydrogen Optimized subsidiary to advance the commercialization of its RuggedCell â„¢ high current water electrolysis system. The resulting commercial product will enable green hydrogen production systems up to 200 megawatts and provide a springboard for systems up to 400 MW.

“SDTC’s funding represents an important step towards achieving our goal of providing leading-edge, cost-effective and highly efficient water electrolyser technology at scale,” said Andrew TB Stuart, President, President and CEO. management of KEY DH Technologies. “We thank SDTC for its vote of confidence in our company and our technology, and for its support in accelerating our progress. Our aim is to be the world leader in the provision of large scale green hydrogen production systems, which will help major industries to significantly reduce their carbon emissions.

“Our commitment to advancing Canada’s net zero targets for 2050 is reinforced by supporting climate technology entrepreneurs who find innovative solutions to advance the green economy. SDTC is proud to invest in the KEY project which has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions and help build a cleaner, greener future for all, ”said Leah Lawrence, President and CEO of SDTC.

The project builds on the previously announced collaboration between Hydrogen Optimized and ABB to demonstrate the combined technological approach of each company to the production of green hydrogen.

ABB said: “ABB’s high-power rectifier system technology fits perfectly with the unique approach of Optimized Hydrogen for large-scale green hydrogen production. ABB sees this funding as a positive reinforcement of the patent pending technology available to Hydrogen Optimized. to see this funding that will contribute to the strong
test facility and other activities described in the MoU which supports the transition to green hydrogen. ABB looks forward to continuing its collaboration with Hydrogen Optimized. “

Are also involved in the project hatch, a global engineering, project management and professional services company with expertise in green hydrogen production facilities. “We are delighted to contribute to this project to advance an EPCM solution for the RuggedCell Hydrogen Optimized System,” said Jim Sarvinis, General Manager, Energy at Hatch.

Optimized hydrogen has its headquarters and technology and manufacturing center in Owen Sound, Ontario, in the heart of the Gray-Bruce Hydrogen Hub.

“’“ The Bruce region has the economy, location, natural resources, construction capacity, and project partners to become a leader in technology, research and innovation. clean hydrogen. The Hydrogen Optimized SDTC project will demonstrate our region’s capabilities to advance innovations in escalate
hydrogen production systems.

Hydrogen Optimized RuggedCellT green hydrogen production systems are intended for major end users in industry, chemicals, utilities and energy.

According to a 2020 Goldman Sachs report, the green hydrogen market in Europe alone could reach $ 12 trillion by 2050.

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