Hydrogen fuel cell SUV, Citroën Skate EV concept, dealers and Chargeway: the automotive news of the day


The retro-styled SUV made at the former Smart car factory in France could include plans for green hydrogen. A Citroën concept provides the building blocks for certain creative electric vehicles. And US dealerships are embracing the idea of ​​discussing electric vehicle charging with consistency. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

The chemical company Ineos has already taken an unexpected direction with its Grenadier SUV, which will be built in a factory in France formerly intended for Smart electric city cars. Now he plans to produce green hydrogen at several factories, which would have allowed the launch of a hydrogen fuel cell version of the Grenadier.

A partnership between NADA and Chargeway could help vehicle dealers become more of an asset to the growth of electric vehicle sales, by ensuring that the billing of the same conversation between models, brands and dealer groups.

The Citroën Skate EV concept, presented earlier this month, is indeed whatever you want it to be. An autonomous electric vehicle skateboard platform equipped with the technology can be topped with different thematic modules, allowing “open source” modules for various needs, such as a passenger vehicle, a delivery van or, as demonstrated the automaker, various types of original electric shuttles.

And at Motor Authority: Swedish company NEVS, the company that retains part of the old Saab’s footprint, with plans to launch electric vehicles and mobility services, is said to be looking for a new owner. Its current one, the Chinese conglomerate Evergrande Group, is potentially on the verge of defaulting on some of its debts.


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