[Hidden Wonders of Japan] Beautiful racehorses take a therapeutic bath at JRA’s new facility

Japan Racing Association

The Japan Racing Association (JRA) opened its new rehabilitation research center in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture on May 26, with five thoroughbreds taking a dip. The facility is specifically designed to rehabilitate injured horses so they can return to the racetrack.

Under beautiful blue skies, Meisho Dassai, JRA’s top injured horse of 2020, was led around an outdoor doughnut-shaped pool by a trainer. Sniffing and drinking water from time to time, the horse swam 3 or 4 laps in the pool, which has a circumference of 40 meters and a depth of about 3 meters.

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Horses take a therapeutic bath as the JRA Rehabilitation and Research Center opens on May 26.

Pool training helps improve cardiopulmonary function without straining the horse’s legs. These drills are performed almost every day during the week until mid-October, and visitors are welcome to watch them for free.

“I feel the power of horses swimming and breathing,” said director and veterinarian Kazumichi Kodaira, enthusiastically promoting the center.

A 42-year-old office worker and horse racing fan from the city of Kashiwa in Chiba Prefecture said with delight, “I didn’t think I could see a horse swimming in front of me!

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Author: The Sankei Shimbun

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