Green group wants SUV drivers to tax $ 4,000

Drivers of SUVs and diesel cars should be taxed to finance the purchase of green cars, says an electric car trade group.

The Blacklock Reporter Environmentalists have also called on the House of Commons finance committee to impose a $ 4,000 tax on SUVs.

Electric Mobility Canada, in a presentation to the committee, said Parliament should introduce what it called a “rebate fee system” for drivers.

In total, 85% of on-road vehicles in Canada burn gasoline or diesel, according to industry estimates.

Electricity only represents 3% of vehicle sales per year.

“Charge polluting passenger vehicles for discounts on zero emission vehicles so that the rebate program can pay for itself,” lobbyists for the electric car industry wrote.

“For vehicle classes that do not yet have a zero-emission vehicle option, discounted fee exemptions should be considered until zero-emission models hit the market.”

Parliament is currently paying rebates of up to $ 5,000 on the sale of electric cars and is collecting a green tax of $ 1,000 introduced in 2007 on larger and more expensive luxury vehicles.

“Cost is by far the biggest barrier to purchasing a plug-in electric car or truck,” the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association wrote to the finance committee.

Toyota Canada data cited by the Commons Environment Committee estimated that zero-emission vehicles cost an average of $ 56,000 before discounts, compared to $ 28,000 for a conventional vehicle.

“Higher battery costs have been the main cause of the price hike,” MEPs wrote in an April 13 report..

On June 29, Cabinet proposed a mandatory target that 100% of new vehicles sold in Canada by 2035 be zero-emission models.

Data from car dealerships suggests that even if the target is met, gasoline and diesel vehicles will stay on the road for decades.

The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association has estimated that it takes 15 years for half of all on-road vehicles to be sold for parts.

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