Finance your kitchen with a work loan


Renovating or installing an equipped kitchen in a house can represent a significant financial investment for a household. A consumer credit makes it possible to finance this essential purchase for fulfilling family life at the time of eating. We tell you everything about the kitchen credit!

The kitchen, the heart of the house

A very important element in a home, cooking has changed a lot over the years. From a useful room used just to make meals, it has become a friendly space welcoming family and friends.

In addition, the kitchen is no longer hidden! Most of the time-integrated into the living room, it appears as an essential element of decoration. When you want to share good moments with your loved ones, it is the strategic place and, according to studies, the room where you spend the most time in the house!

The criteria for choosing a kitchen

The choice of an equipped kitchen depends above all on the space you have at home for your kitchen:

  • if the floor space is reduced, it will be necessary to think of optimizing each square centimeter of a wall, that is to say, think of elements in height, in angle … Why not a retractable worktop for example?
  • if, on the contrary, we have a room of good size, to be coupled in particular with the living room, we can choose from a large work surface which will also serve as a dining table. The kitchen can afford to be airier or can accommodate other elements such as a wine cellar for example.

Space also dictates the color of the kitchen:

  • a dark color shrinks a room;
  • a clear enlarges the room.

Appliance side, you have to think practical. No need to have a 300-liter refrigerator or a washing machine with 12 place settings if the family has only three people. Finally, with regard to furniture, all tastes are allowed, since all styles exist, from rustic to contemporary.

The important thing is that these pieces of furniture are easy to live and therefore to clean. It is better to avoid shiny materials that get scratched at the first stroke of the sponge and to favor long-lived materials such as solid wood.

Kitchen: renovate it, buy it as a kit or tailor-made

Often the budget decides what you can do with a kitchen. As the TV shows show, with elbow grease, you can change your kitchen at a lower cost: you still have to be a handyman! Otherwise, you will have to pay at least 2,000 dollars for a well-equipped kitchen.

Then, the price varies enormously according to the materials, the number of pieces of furniture, the arrangement, and can easily reach 10 000 dollars if one also counts the floors and the walls and that one has recourse to a professional.

And finally a lot more if you want a kitchen made to measure. For an owner, this investment is not lost, however, because when you want to resell your home, a beautiful kitchen in good condition will be a real plus.

Kitchen credit: what is the most suitable financing solution for my project?

It is neither the purchase of an apartment or a house nor the acquisition of a car, but the purchase of a kitchen requires a budget that can exceed its savings. Therefore, rather than deprive yourself of long months, there is the solution of work credit to finance the purchase of a kitchen. You can take out a consumer loan from your bank, in retail chains or in stores, as well as from organizations specializing in lending.

You should also be aware that a kitchen loan can take various forms. In terms of consumer credit, there are several formulas, in particular, restricted credit and personal loans.

Credit allocated for the purchase of a kitchen

An assigned loan, a loan that you take out for a specific purchase, is suitable for the purchase or even the installation of a kitchen. Most often, it is contracted at the point of sale. When you call on a kitchen designer or a furniture store, he offers a loan contract with a partner organization. But the buyer is in no way obliged to take it and can perfectly contact another credit institution if it offers more advantageous loan formulas.

This is particularly the case for credit platforms between individuals, which may prove more attractive for your work loan. For an assigned credit, the withdrawal period, which is normally 14 days, can be reduced if the buyer requests delivery of the kitchen without delay or the immediate start of work.

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