F-PACE SVR 2022, one of Jaguar’s latest V8s, is built for performance

With an MSRP of around $ 84,600, this F-PACE comes with a redesigned 5.0-liter, 550-horsepower engine.


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The 2022 F-PACE SVR is an important machine for Jaguar. Not only is this the best performing option on its best-selling vehicle, but it also sounds like one of the automaker’s last V8s before the engine was gone forever.

The end of fossil fuel engines has been on Jaguar’s books since the 2018 launch of its award-winning, all-electric I-PACE. It’s no secret that Jaguar will go all-electric on all of its models by 2025. Meanwhile, across the street at JLR’s headquarters in Coventry, UK, the range Land Rover itself wants full electrification before 2040.

This very green, but very calm era will remain in a few years. So fans of performance-driven driving can still hold on to their beloved eight-cylinder engine a little longer with an F-PACE SVR that has received a complete overhaul for this model year, including aesthetics, engineering and technological updates.

With an MSRP of around $ 84,600, this F-PACE comes with a redesigned 5.0-liter, 550-horsepower engine. The resulting power is satisfying, even overwhelming. Still, the car claims an official zero to 60 time of 3.8 seconds. An eight-speed automatic transmission with sport levers keeps the power transmitted to the all-wheel-drive system. Electric power steering and upgraded 15.6-inch four-wheel disc brakes on 21-inch wheels complete the keys and whistles.

One of the strengths of the F-PACE SVR, like all Jaguar sport models, is its skillful and perfectly tuned suspension.


The driving experience skillfully separates the difference between majestic comfort and aggressive performance. Grounded and well balanced, the F-PACE feels like a much smaller vehicle, like you’re behind the wheel of a well-built 4,500 lb vehicle. tailgate. The JaguarDrive Control allows you to select Sport or Eco drive modes, although this raises the question of why anyone would want to select anything other than Sport mode in a Jaguar SVR (Special Vehicle Ratings). Sport is the whole point of owning the trim level.

In keeping with the sporty theme, a highlight of the F-PACE SVR, as with all Jaguar sport models, is the skillful and perfectly tuned suspension. Double wishbone at the front and multi-link at the rear, the feel of the vehicle tightens in Sport mode and reveals the full capacity of the suspension.

The real fun of driving the F-PACE SVR is when you can press the accelerator to escape traffic or take off from a red light. Jaguar engineers let just a little more air and fuel mixture dance around the cylinders to shatter the civilized vibe of F-PACE with the playful fireworks of a rally car.


Such noise and the accompanying vibrations add to the sultry driving experience as much as an excellent suspension or ample torque. Yet the necessities of 21st century existence and the fight against climate change mean that the eight pistons that help make all the noise will join cranks and manual transmissions as automotive artifacts throughout the world. industry.

This makes driving a build like the 2022 Jaguar F-PACE SVR a bittersweet experience. In the years to come, the roar of engines will become an echo of the past out of environmental necessity. It’s almost time to say goodbye.

For fans of raucous exhaust notes, it was hoped that an unintended consequence of the pandemic would be a slowdown in the progressive irridacitio of the V8. Yet at Jaguar, 2025 is on the horizon.

In an interview with Penta, Thierry Bolloré, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, would not give the Jag V8 a break. He remains convinced that the 2025 deadline for full electrification will be maintained. While he acknowledges that the national infrastructure is not yet in place to power an all-electric fleet for an automaker, he doesn’t think a pandemic hangover will prevent its construction over the next three years.

“The path to electrification has already been somewhat uncertain,” says Bolloré. “What is certain is that electrification will occur. When and how quickly we do it depends on three factors: consumer demands, the ability of manufacturers to bring the product to market, and the availability of the infrastructure to support it. “


Bolloré is calling it all ‘chicken or egg’ as the auto industry waits to see whether electric cars force infrastructure to expand, or whether a growing network of charging stations and other necessities will make it the purchase of electric cars more acceptable.

“I think we are now at the point where it is clear that electrification is the direction to the future,” he adds. “We are now seeing legendary and historic cars from the past being retroactively electrified. We are seeing vehicles that weren’t considered electrification candidates, such as American pickup trucks, joining the movement and not losing functionality. Consumers are entering the market and manufacturers will respond to this demand. “

For performance-hungry drivers who aren’t ashamed of gas-guzzling powertrains, Bolloré invites them to take advantage of special models like the 2022 Jaguar F-PACE SVR while they can.

“I don’t think they have to worry about us taking powerful engines away from them right now,” Bolloré said. “We’re still going to be building them for a while, so have fun with one.” “

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