ElectrifyNYC: Staten Island, Queens included in initiative to help homeowners switch to green energy


STATEN ISLAND, NY – New York City on Monday announced the launch of “ElectrifyNYC,” a free program to help homeowners embrace solar and electric heating and cooling in a bid to reduce the city’s carbon footprint .

The program will provide free services to owners of family homes of one to four units, particularly low and moderate income families in Staten Island and Queens. Services range from a free home assessment to connecting eligible residents with qualified contractors who will install technologies such as solar panels and aerothermal heat pumps.

“New York City is on the front lines of the climate crisis, and our response must enable New Yorkers to act today while paving the way for a fair and sustainable future,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio . “ElectrifyNYC is ready to help homeworkers in Queens and Staten Island join the fight against climate change and prioritize minority and women-owned businesses – the backbone of our economy – in the fair recovery of the city. “

ElectrifyNYC is touted as the Mayor’s Office’s first climate and sustainability program that exclusively supports family homes of one to four units as part of the city’s decarbonization strategy. Officials said this was part of the multi-pronged approach to move the energy use of the five boroughs away from fossil fuels.

Currently, emissions from heating and cooling homes of one to four families account for about 20% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, the mayor’s office said. Stationary emissions, which include energy used by buildings and other stationary sources, release far more greenhouse gases than any other area in New York City, the data shows.

“To tackle the climate crisis and ensure a just transition to a green economy, we need to deploy and rapidly adapt the best energy-efficient technologies for buildings of all sizes,” said Ben Furnas, director of the New York mayor’s office for climate and sustainability. “The ElectrifyNYC program is one more piece of the puzzle of how we are building a healthy, safe and inclusive New York City. “

The program, which was announced at the start of Climate Week, helps homeowners follow a five-step process to promote green energy use.

Through this initiative, the city provides eligible homeowners with a free energy or solar assessment, examines potential financial incentives, connects individuals with a local contractor, helps them through the installation process, and ensures that the new system is working properly.

Shifting to cleaner energy sources, according to the mayor’s office, could help lower utility bills and improve indoor and local air quality.

“It’s refreshing for Staten Island to receive this much needed resource and to be recognized as a priority area,” said Christina Williams, coordinator of the Youth Workforce Initiative Network at Staten Island. “As the borough with the highest homeownership rate, it will be exciting to see our residents actively engage in the transition to green energy.

The new effort comes just weeks after Hurricane Ida swept through New York City and caused extensive damage. Experts said continued warming of the atmosphere mainly caused by greenhouse gas emissions can lead to more intense storms, among other devastating effects.

Earlier this month, more than 200 leading medical and health journals around the world issued an urgent appeal to world leaders to take immediate action to tackle climate change and take critical action to slow it down warming before reaching an irreversible point.

In addition, people around the world are increasingly worried about the impacts climate change will have on their personal lives.

“As we continue to address the challenges associated with New York’s transition to clean, sustainable energy, it is imperative that we invest in decarbonizing New York’s buildings,” said MP Michael Cusick (D-Mid- Island). “The ElectrifyNYC program is an important step in the transition of our city’s residences to clean, sustainable energy and it will provide critical resources to make clean and sustainable energy options accessible to all New Yorkers. “

The program, which is carried out in partnership with Kinetic Communities and the Neighborhood Housing Services of Queens and Staten Island, is part of the city’s goal to install 1,000 megawatts of solar power in the five boroughs by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

“Our community is resilient,” said Alfred Gill, executive director of Neighborhood Housing Services of Staten Island. “ElectrifyNYC is a great opportunity for Staten Island to lead a sustainable revolution for a sustainable city and world. “

To help boost green job creation, ElectrifyNYC is also launching a workforce development strategy that will particularly help priority populations and minority and women owned businesses to receive training, leads and business development resources.

The approach, the mayor’s office said, aims to build wealth within the community and address the socio-economic and racial disparities inherent in the adoption of green technology.

“We stand ready to support our community partners NHS of Staten Island and NHS of Queens, the nonprofit organizations led by BIPOC, with the resources to elevate New Yorkers towards the future of clean energy,” said Daphany Rose Sanchez, executive director of Kinetic Communities. Consultant. “We look forward to tackling the ownership of clean energy technologies through ElectrifyNYC, ensuring that our communities can have sustainable and safe homes; a home that withstands natural disasters like Hurricane Ida and Super Storm Sandy.

To learn more about the program, contact ElectrifyNYC at [email protected] and (718) 500-0172.

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