Electricity restored to Madisonville, city still cleaning up from tornado

MADISONVILLE Texas (KBTX) – Cleanup continues in Madisonville, but lights are coming back on for nearly everyone affected by the tornado. Those who are the hardest there, however, are still without electricity.

Entergy tells KBTX that they restored service at 7 p.m. Wednesday night for customers. About 40 customers remain in the dark as it is unsafe for them to have electricity, due to damaged houses.

American Red Cross volunteers are still providing aid and distributing meals as neighborhoods try to weather Monday night’s tornado.

“[I] enjoy everything everyone does. Everyone has been really nice,” said Ana Hudson of Madisonville. She and her mother received meals from the Red Cross as they sat on their porch on Thursday afternoon.

She described what it was like when the tornado swept through Madisonville.

“Very scary, you could hear [the tornado] very well. The sound of the train is real,” she said.

Hudson’s house will need repairs and part of its fence was knocked down, but luckily they had power back within 12 hours of the tornado.

Other places weren’t so lucky. The Son-Shine Outreach Center is moving to a temporary location to resume service this week. Their property will not recover power.

“We just signed a lease on a much smaller facility. It will be a challenge, but it will give us a temporary place to go until we can get our new building built,” said Lisa Wamsley, coordinator of the Son-Shine Outreach Center.

Madisonville’s new city manager, Fabrice Kabona, said it could be months before some homeowners can make full repairs.

“I think we all understand that this is going to take time. The good news about that, great news actually, is that there were no injuries, no fatalities, and that’s really amazing,” Kabona said.

A sentiment shared by Ana Hudson with much to be grateful for, despite the appalling weather this week.

“Everyone is still here, no one lost their life or anything,” Hudson said.

After dealing with damage in the Brazos Valley, Entergy is now working on efforts to restore power in Louisiana after a tornado hit the New Orleans area.

Their breakdown map is available here.

The Red Cross will continue to provide meals until Friday. They have been going door-to-door delivering food, while pickup is also available at First Baptist Church. A resource center was set up there at 300 South Elm Street, Madisonville.

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