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Intended for distribution to business partners; Can be ordered quickly and easily online; Directly Available: You can request a credit check for free from the paid offers. The other “free” only has a green tick and comes by mail. But even the free written information can be requested in a few steps. Guaranteed free is only the postal request.

Credit bureau: Request credit information for free

Credit bureau: Request credit information for free

Since 2010, the Credit bureau has been required to carry out a free credit check once a year. But the Credit bureau does not make it easy for you. You can request a credit check for free from the special promotions. A credit bureau is a private German business information company headquartered in Wiesbaden. The Credit bureau Group is headquartered in Germany. But you can also check your credit rating and also according to § 34 Federal Data Protection Act free of charge once a year.

It should be noted, however, that the Credit bureau is still an AG and thus a company. So it is not surprising that the Credit bureau offers paid offers, for example, have online access. These also have monthly costs and a duration of one year. Although you can conveniently fill out all these offers online, you must submit the annual credit check or the “data overview according to 34 BDSG”.

The input fields in the section “Other information” are optional, but you should check the box “Current probability values”. Do not mark “Alternative” as you will then order the pay-based credit check. You must also enclose valid identification documents on both sides of the letter. You must present the following identity papers: German citizen: ID card copy or passport copy and identity card copy.

Order Credit bureau information for free?

Order Credit bureau information for free?

According to § 34 BBDSG, everyone has the right to receive information free of charge once a year. What is the Credit bureau? What does the Credit bureau collect and archive? What information is transmitted with Credit bureau information? Is the Credit bureau value calculated? What is the highest possible Credit bureau score achieved? What are your options for negative Credit bureau information?

Is the danger posed by Credit bureau entry legal? To the Credit bureau? The Credit bureau is an information agency for the West German economy, headquartered in Wiesbaden. The Credit bureau is headquartered in Germany. Most people in this country are probably familiar with the term “obtaining information from a Credit bureau”. The Credit bureau claims to have about 800 million figures from 66.4 million Germans and 5.2 million companies.

On average, more than 127 million credit checks on entrepreneurs and private individuals are carried out each year. It also includes nearly 2 million consumer queries from a Credit bureau to their own entries. The company points out that only more than 90 percent of those surveyed have good figures, and that, for example, the repayment of consumer loans is running smoothly in 97.5 percent of closed contracts.

With 750 employees, sales of around USD 145 million are generated. Today the company name is Credit bureau AG. The Credit bureau Group was founded in 2000 by the Federal Credit bureau e. V. and finally took over the shares of the national companies in 2002. The Credit bureau itself gets some of its information from publicly available data sources such as the debtor registers of the local courts.

You may have already signed a so-called Credit bureau clause in the context of a contract with which you agree to the disclosure of your information. Since the Federal Supreme Court ruling in 1985, data transmission is only permitted with the express consent of the customer in the Credit bureau clause. What does the Credit bureau collect and archive?

These include the account number and credit card number

These include the account number and credit card number

Loan and rental agreements, telephone, and mobile phone contracts, accounts with merchants, mail order companies and online shops. Special filters are used to filter out positive and negative characteristics from these guidelines and to determine the Credit bureau score. Positive effects include the timely repayment of loans and other successful transactions, negative effects of affidavits or the collection of cards as a result of misuse.

What information is transmitted with Credit bureau information? There are three subdivisions for the contract partners of the Credit bureau. When requesting Credit bureau information, you get different sentences. Contracting parties are all financial institutions and credit card companies, ie around 2,000, which have the positive and negative characteristics of each citizen’s Credit bureau points.

For example, you can go to an office and find out more orally. Since 2010, however, this is subject to a fee. In this case, the credit reference agency must provide the Credit bureau free of charge once a year. The credit bureau usually deletes outstanding invoices after three years or in the case of a settlement of claims after three years.

Only after the closure of the corresponding account are the details of bank accounts, credit cards and accounts removed from (mail order) merchants. The problem with the Credit bureau is that it is limited exclusively to the collection of information from its contractual partners, without checking their correctness and completeness. The Federal Consumer Ministry and the goods test have found in the context of research many incomplete, outdated or even incorrect information.

Instead, the contracting parties are required to report changes to the Credit bureau within one month so that negative features can be corrected. If you have a Credit bureau claim that has been settled, but not deleted, you can address yourself to the above-mentioned institute with the request for a reference note and its immediate transmission.

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