Cloth Protected Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services with Port City Dry Cleaners

Cleaning is essential because an individual does not need to damage the fabric fabric. Port City Dry Cleaners is a locally owned and operated cleaning and laundry service provider in the metropolitan area. With a commitment to determining the art of dry cleaning, the company has utilized old world craftsmanship for the various services. The outstanding services provided by the company have enabled them to become the provider of laundry and cleaning services in the metropolitan area.

Shreveport, LA – January 29, 2022 – Port City Dry Cleaners uses professional and experienced staff from Shreveport Dry Cleaning Services. The staff receives occasional training on the various stain removal processes in order to offer a quality service that does not alter the fabric. In addition, the company uses the most influential restaurant linen supplier Shreveport, processes and procedures, which makes the clothes look clean and new. The methods involve spot treatments and stain removal through the company’s seven-point inspection, which helps them determine the right chemicals to use. Additionally, the solvents used for Shreveport towels are safe and environmentally friendly, with no damaging effects on the fabric.

Port City Dry Cleaners has an excellent customer service experience that makes the whole process seamless. The competent staff collects the customer’s linen within twenty-four hours and returns it after forty-eight hours; therefore, the customer does not need to worry about traffic. Additionally, professional staff tighten loose buttons on clothes and provide free replacements on missing buttons. In addition, the team ensures that cleanings are carried out with care, ensuring that the fabric is not damaged.

About Us

Port City Dry Cleaners is a locally owned and operated cleaning and laundry services business.

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