Cleanup crews work to pick up debris after Mardi Gras parades

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – If you were heading downtown Lake Charles on Wednesday, you could barely tell that parades marched through the streets less than 24 hours ago. This is thanks to the hard work of public works crews and local law enforcement.

“Once the last float leaves the road, the work has just begun for these crews,” said Katie Harrington of the City of Lake Charles.

The city’s cleanup crews are working hard to make sure the streets aren’t littered with Mardi Gras debris.

“Our public works crews, in conjunction with the assistance of our recreation department, have been working to manage cleanup efforts for all of these parades,” Harrington said.

And it may not seem like these parades leave a big mess behind, but after the festivities there was tons of leftover trash.

“Across the two parades that took place the weekend before Mardi Gras weekend, they collected just over 11 tons of debris from the street,” Harrington said.

By Wednesday morning, crews had cleared around 30 tonnes of debris from parades held between Friday and Tuesday, and they’re not stopping there.

“They’ll still have a bit more of what they’re working on today to catch any last scraps, but those crews were out until about midnight last night, and back on the road at 4am this morning to finish, ‘ said Harrington.

The city is also working hand-in-hand with local law enforcement to create a safe environment for parades. Part of that includes the 2,500 barricades erected in the city center.

“They have to come back and pick up all these barricades, they have walkers walking along the road and blowing all the debris from the gutters out into the streets so the sweepers can come pick it up,” Harrington said.

They also want to make sure that any remaining debris is cleared up quickly so it doesn’t get blown all over the place, impact downtown businesses or traffic, or affect not the underground drainage system.

Harrington says a lot of time and planning goes into the Mardi Gras festivities and cleanup efforts, and they’re already making plans for next year.

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