Cleaning: Ms. Hinch Shares Top Tips for a Spotless Salon – “Serious Arm Workout”

Ms. Hinch, author of the Sunday Times bestseller Hinch Yourself Happy, explained how to “flex” the most important aspects of your living room, the sofa and the rug.

The cleaning mogul started with knowing how to properly clean a sofa.

First, she recommended removing the sofa from all seats and throw pillows before checking for coins; “Guardians of Research! “

Then vacuum all of the “unwanted crumbs to God knows what else” on the sides of the sofa.

It is important to then use a lint roller to pick up lint and loose hair, especially for those with “fur babies”.

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Ms Hinch then suggested dipping a white cloth in a mixture of lukewarm water, two plugs of fabric softener and a plug of Ariel Gel, wringing it out and scrubbing the sofa.

However, she urged readers to do patch tests to verify the products are safe for the sofa fabric.

Finally, use a body brush to “help revive the fibers”, before letting it air dry and then reassemble it.

Your guests will feel like they are sitting on a throne!


Ms. Hinch’s best tip for having nicely scented cushions is to “just insert a scented dryer sheet into your cushion cover and replace them weekly.”

For a fragrant sofa, she sprays hers with Febreeze Spring Awakening, which is like “a giant fragrant hug”.

The cleaning influencer explained that one of her greatest pleasures is a comfy sofa that doesn’t let your feet touch the floor when you sit on it.

“When I sit on my couch my feet hang down, which makes me so happy, I feel like a big kid again.”

For those who want aesthetic “karate cut cushions”, Ms Hinch explained they have to be feather.

“If you’ve got cotton wool padding, frankly you’re stuffed.”

When it comes to rugs, Ms. Hinch awarded a “fellow Hincher” the perfect clean rug hack.

Dip a white cloth in a mixture of a capful of fabric softener, Ariel Excel Wash Gel and lukewarm water.

Prepare for a “serious arm workout,” rubbing the fabric across the mat in sections, making sure to rinse it regularly.

“Then use an all-purpose hand-held scrub brush to revive the surface hair while brushing the rug / carpet to bring it back to life.

“Let it air dry, and ta-da!” It’s done ! “

Ms. Hinch’s final tip was to “scrub to the beat, babe!” Because cleaning is so much more enjoyable with your favorite playlist in the background.

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