Can entrepreneurs help make electric vehicles popular?

You heard it here first – an electric vehicle revolution is underway.

Global warming is increasing the popularity of electric vehicles day by day as the burning of fossil fuels is a major part of air pollution.

Entrepreneurs play an increasingly important role in this movement every day. Find out why electric work vans are the next wave of sustainability efforts to save the planet.

What is an EV Cargo Van?

Electric vehicle (EV) utility vans are the modern transportation option for today’s workforce. They are easy to customize with some of the major car manufacturers. Contractors and business owners can customize things like body length, roof height, and even install electrical panels in the van with outlets for power tools.

Interested buyers can also consider adding voice-recognition dashboards to their EV work vans. The system recognizes when drivers want to change the destination on their GPS maps, change songs or make phone calls without taking their hands off the wheel.

Benefits of electric vehicles for entrepreneurs

How electric vehicles are changing the automotive landscape

Electric vehicles have many advantages for entrepreneurs making the financial leap. Find out why they might be a smart business choice for your industry.

They use less gas, if any

Depending on the size of an electric vehicle, it may include a hybrid fuel tank with a backup fuel source. Entrepreneurs who regularly drive interstate or for long periods of time may feel better about traveling in an EV work van if they are concerned about going without charging stations.

Most of the time, EV vans won’t need gas at all. This is a huge financial saving for entrepreneurs who have to pay other business expenses and additional taxes. Since independent contractors have to pay double their taxes for Social Security and employment taxes, every dollar saved will make their lives easier.

The average 2018 minivan has a 14.5 gallon tank and costs an average of $71 to fill up. Even if you only fill the tank once a week, that’s about $284 worth of gas every month if gas prices stay the same all the time, which they never do.

Electric vehicles save entrepreneurs hundreds of dollars every month immediately after purchase. Every year they save thousands of gasoline even though they use a hybrid tank. Either way, EV vans are a significant benefit for workers on tight budgets.

They come in larger sizes

Some independent contractors use their personal car to meet clients or provide their services. Civilian vans are intended for transporting families, not for work equipment or machinery.

They won’t have space for power tools, signage, or any other equipment a contractor might need to do their job. The use of family cars also limits entrepreneurs to using their family vehicles only when loved ones do not need them.

Entrepreneurs are making electric vehicles popular because they’re so much bigger than what others might use. The extra space in your EV work van allows for greater organization, minimizing annual replacement costs for lost equipment and supplies. A larger van saves money and helps entrepreneurs stay mobile without using family vehicles.

They are entitled to tax credits

Consider several makes and models of vans before making any buying decisions. You’ll want to make sure you’re about to buy an electric van that qualifies for the full tax credit, which would reduce a contractor’s federal tax bill by $7,500.

A large tax credit like this would likely result in a tax refund in the spring, allowing entrepreneurs to reinvest in their business or support themselves. It’s hard-to-get financial relief when you’re paying a costly tax bill and estimating quarterly payments to state and federal collectors.

Other factors increasing the popularity of electric vehicles


The electric vehicle revolution does not rest solely on the shoulders of entrepreneurs. It also transforms the world due to these influencing factors.

Global warming is getting worse

Global warming is affecting the entire planet – and it’s only getting worse. Experts estimate that the hottest year in human history will occur before 2026 as carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise.

People are investing in things that can combat this problem. This is why the solar energy market grew by 43% in 2020 and the green building market will reach $103.08 million by the end of 2023. Contractors are just some of the many people who are joining the fight by investing in electric vehicles.

Consumers want to support green businesses

People think about the environmental impact of their purchases before buying something. A recent survey found that two-thirds of Americans look for sustainable brands when planning to make a purchase. This includes when consumers want to buy a new car or work with contractors who advertise their use of an EV work van on their websites.

Brands are committed to electric vehicles

Car manufacturers are also supporting the electric vehicle revolution. Considering the number of people wanting to drive green cars, 25 brands recently announced that they will exclusively produce electric vehicles in the next decade. Contractors will find electric utility vans much easier over the years.

Why do entrepreneurs have the power?

In 2021, the number of independent contractors in the United States grew to 23.9 million people, up from 12.9 million in 2017. This is a significant increase that experts predict will continue to increase. People appreciate the professional freedom that comes with freelance contract work and often trust someone they can know personally rather than paying a brand to help them.

Entrepreneurs have the numbers on their side to help popularize electric vehicles. They also work independently, so they can buy an electric van at any time. Companies have to buy them in large quantities, limiting their purchases or stopping them altogether.

If consumers started to see contractors delivering services using electric vans, the presence of electric vehicles would become much more normalized in their daily lives. More people will invest in electric cars because they won’t look too futuristic.

Support the electric vehicle revolution

Entrepreneurs can help make electric vehicles popular by involving the general public in the idea of ​​electric cars. As entrepreneurs profit from their investment with tax credits, fuel savings and more storage space, they will make the future of electric vehicles a reality that will help influence the general public to save the planet. .

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