Calls for council to correct the ‘disparity’ in cleaning services in parts of Newry, Morne and Down – Armagh I

A councilor has asked his local council to address the difference in the way parts of Newry, Morne and Down are cleaned.

Sinn Fein adviser Willie Clarke said there was a “level of disparity” in the way local authorities cleared certain areas.

This came as councilors agreed on a report to be presented to a neighborhood services committee on December 21.

The report, which examined three high-level options for a review of the Council’s district clean-up operations, was approved.

Cllr Clarke said council needs to make this a “priority” to resolve the disparity between the legacy of Newry and Morne District Council and Down District Council.

“I think it is essential that the disparity in services is corrected,” said Newcastle’s elected representative.

“We just have to look at the sweepers. There are 15 in the Newry and Morne Legacy and only three in Down. It’s a huge disparity in services.

“I think it’s a priority for our residents and visitors, in the appearance and safety of our streets, beaches and parks.

“I think it’s important that we get the extra funding we need. If we want to have first class service, we have to put the resources into it.

“This is the most important priority next to garbage collection and residents want to see improvements in this area. “

Meanwhile, at a meeting in November, members of the council’s district cleaning workshop agreed to increase the budget allocation for cleaning services while keeping services at a “service standard.” higher “.

It is understood that more sub-options on services will be presented for consideration and decision at a future workshop in February.

However, Crotlieve city councilor Mickey Ruane said the problem required more than “money invested”.

He added, “I wouldn’t want people to think that the only problem with our department and the way we managed it was just putting money into it.

“There are other things that we also need to look at and I think that has been very clear in the conversations we have had over the past four or five months.

“It’s about being smarter and how we deliver these services and I wanted to stress that it’s not just about the money.”

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