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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 28, 2021

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CalCCA honored with the Green Power Leadership Award
Californian CCAs recognized as leaders in accelerating renewable energy markets

Concorde, California. – The California Community Choice Association (CalCCA) is honored to announce that it has received a 2021 Green Power Leadership Award from the Center for Resource Solutions in recognition of the exceptional leadership role that California Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) play for build and develop the voluntary market for renewable energies.

“We are honored to receive the Green Power Leadership Award on behalf of our CCA members who go above and beyond in their efforts to accelerate the advancement of clean energy resources in California and the West,” said Beth Vaughan, Executive Director by CalCCA.

CRS presented the award to CalCCA today at the annual Renewable Energy Markets Conference. CalCCA is one of five recipients in the Market Development category of the award, which honors industry leaders who are innovators and champions of renewable energy and whose actions support the accelerated development of green energy markets. . Google, Microsoft, Seattle City Light, and the Solar Energy Industries Association have also been recognized as champions of renewable energy.

“More than ever, this year’s GPLA winners represent a movement towards increased access to renewable energy in all communities,” said Jennifer Martin, Executive Director of CRS, which co-presents the annual awards with Clean Power US EPA Partnership. The winners, added Martin, “demonstrate the power of renewable energy to create jobs, reduce costs and provide electricity to underserved populations around the world, while improving our environment, one neighborhood at a time.”

At the virtual awards ceremony, CRS highlighted the work California CCAs are doing to foster the advancement of new clean energy resources. Over the past decade, leading community energy providers have signed long-term PPAs with new wind, solar, geothermal and battery energy storage facilities totaling over 8,000 megawatts (MW).

CCAs have purchased more than twice as much renewable energy as required under state mandates, and more than 80 cities and counties in California are working with their local suppliers of choice to receive 100% renewable energy or 100 % carbon-free as default supply.


About CalCCA: Launched in 2016, the California Community Choice Association (CalCCA) represents California’s community choice electricity providers before the state legislature and regulators, advocating for a level playing field and opposing policies that unfairly discriminate against CCAs and their clients. There are currently 23 CCA programs operational in California serving over 11 million customers. For more information on CalCCA and Community Choice, visit

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