A woman places face masks on her fence for anyone in the community in need

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PALMER, MA (WWLP) – A Massachusetts woman makes sure her neighbors have access to face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All day, people stopped by Lori Hadlock’s home at 1095 Pleasant Street to get one of the many different face masks she had created. Lori started sewing these necessary garments together nearly a year ago when Americans became familiar with the term “coronavirus.”

Lori has made thousands of these masks, but no two are the same.

“Because everyone has different styles. Makes everyone happy,” Lori said.

After Lori is done making a face mask, she places it outside on the fence for someone to pick it up.

The townspeople responded to her generosity by making donations, allowing her to buy the material for the many masks she has been working on since last March.

“Donations. Lots of people left stuff on our porch. It helps a lot,” Lori said.

Nothing makes her happier than seeing a neighbor or someone from out of the area picking up a face mask hanging on the fence. Lori Hadlock has made a name for herself as a caring person and will do whatever she can to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

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