9 lunch boxes + accessories that will make you want to prepare your lunch

Despite all its obvious benefits like saving money and minimizing waste, bringing lunch to work or school is easier said than done. Granted, I could definitely be better at taking the time to prep meals the night before, but I find the real barrier to bringing lunch is its lack of aesthetic appeal. Let’s face it, most lunch boxes are bulky, feature unflattering prints and colors, and are generally quite difficult to carry around, except for this one. Read on to find out the best modern lunch boxes and accessories that will inspire you to prepare your lunch in style. For more food storage solutions, head to the Design Milk Shop!

Not only is this Notabag reusable tote roomy and durable enough to hold the weight of your food containers, water bottle, cutlery and a book for good measure, it can also be folded and stored when not in use, making it a low-maintenance lunch box alternative. Sling the tote bag over your shoulder for hands-free carry on your trip to work or school, or tie the handles into a knot to keep your lunch secure. Ultimately, you’ll love the convenience of this eco-friendly tote and the colorful contrast it brings to mealtime!

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INKA meal kit

This deluxe lunch kit includes everything you need to eat on the go. From their chic, fridge-safe lunch bag that will complement any outfit (and has a waterproof interior for easy cleaning) and perfectly sized leak-proof food containers to reusable gold-plated steel silverware and napkins. in washable linens – this set is definitely a winner for fashionistas who don’t want to compromise on style.

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puffy baggu lunch bag

BAGGU’s puffy lunch bag is the cool lunch box upgrade we’ve all been waiting for. A modern and playful take on the classic lunchbox silhouette, this insulated lunch bag comes in the brand’s beloved range of bright, bold and playful prints that add a splash of color to any outfit. We love the neon color block design on the Pink Citrus style and the retro vibe it brings to lunchtime!

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Poketo x Takeaka pink and red bento box

This limited edition Takenaka bento box brings the modern and playful aesthetic of Poketo to your lunch. Featuring two airtight tiers and an elastic band for added security, this colorful bento box keeps food separate and organized without the mess. Plus, the compact design and reliable closure make it an easy addition to your tote, backpack, or picnic basket. Find it in a navy blue color here!

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ceramic bowl wear

Speaking of easy-to-stash lunches in your work or school bag, have you come across the Porter Ceramic Bowl? This microwave-safe lunch bowl is designed with a silicone wrap for added durability and a snap strap that keeps the lid securely closed to prevent leaks and spills. Besides being a serious upgrade from the design of traditional lunch boxes and Tupperware, the Porter Bowl’s smooth ceramic material elevates your dining experience, whether at your desk or in the break room!

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flat bento takeaka

The sleek, minimalist look of Takenaka’s Flat Bento Box is the stark contrast to the bulky lunch boxes of our cafeteria days. The simple design bento box has a single tier divided into two separate compartments and features a secure, airtight lid to preserve the freshness and flavors of your dishes, and Takenaka’s classic elastic band for added peace of mind. spirit. The best part? It’s microwave and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup!

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Takeaka bento cutlery

A companion to Takenaka’s flat bento box, this stainless steel cutlery set is an easy addition to your lunch box. The sleek carry case comes in a range of soft, modern hues that will complement any meal kit, but the peachy pink shade of Apricot Rose is our top pick. Throw the utensils in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleanup, and you’ll never need flimsy disposable cutlery again!

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canvas lunch bag

This waxed canvas lunch bag is a playful and modern take on a childhood classic. Made from a durable cotton canvas and coated with a water-resistant beeswax blend, this lunch bag can be used again and again to effortlessly pack lunches on the go or even for storage daily food at home. We love the range of fun, modern colors to choose from, and the nostalgic design that’s both playful and stylish!

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minich cutlery set

Silverware is often the first thing lost when preparing meals. The fix? Get a set of portable cutlery that can live in your lunch box. This modern kit from Mininch includes a reusable spoon, fork, serrated knife and chopsticks, all in a compact carrying case. Crafted from a durable fiberglass-reinforced polymer that offers an ultra-lightweight feel and corrosion resistance, this innovative cutlery set is a lunchtime staple.

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